Rapid Transformational Therapy


So what is RTT and how can it help you?

An RTT session (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a specialised technique, pioneered by the world famous Marisa Peer, which includes hyp‚Äčnotherapy, a deepened relaxed state of your inner mind along with other methodologies which quickly and efficiently uncover the root cause of the issues you would like to change. 

Through the power of your inner (unconscious mind) I will work with you to redirect and re-programme your negative and 'bad' thoughts and beliefs and will replace them with corrected truths which will create new behaviours. 

It is a beautiful, freeing process, and generally, outstanding results can be achieved in just one-three sessions (between 90 - 120 minutes) and you will leave with a personalised recording which I ask you to listen to for a minimum of 30 days. By listening to the recording for a minimum of 30 days, you will cement the work we have done together in the therapy session and will make the changes permanent.


Issues which can be successfully treated with RTT include

 (but are most certainly not limited to) :

Anxiety, Self esteem,  weight loss and eating disorders, phobias, smoking, depression, fear, confidence, public speaking, habits, nail biting, addiction, exam stress, and so much more!