“I cannot thank you enough Claire, my wedding day was absolutely perfect. I felt super confident walking down the aisle with everyone staring at me, and I knew I looked stunning in my dress. I actually felt like a princess. After months of dread (until he met with you) Dave’s wedding speech was an absolute triumph, delivered with ease and a little cockiness I might say! We cannot thank you enough and have recommended you to our friends who got engaged last week!” Sue, Wimbledon

This client came on a Tuesday and sent this testimonial on the Friday - just 3 days later!!

"Good evening Claire, guess what - 5lbs down since I saw you, I actually LOVE you! Had a headache Wednesday and Thursday but fine today. Probably all the crap being removed from my body. My intake of food has halved, no chocolate alcohol nor coffee since Tuesday. I've shocked myself".    Claire B - Kent.


“I came to see Claire because I felt 'stuck' in my life and I had started to lose my direction and purpose. After just two sessions I felt I had nailed my 'raison d'etre' and now I have a new job, I am moving house and I can finally say 'I am enough'. Claire put me at ease from the moment I walked through her door and I have felt comfortable in my own skin ever since. I cannot recommend Claire highly enough - I was nervous but now I feel free, and you will too if you just allow yourself to be helped. Julie, London

“Dear Claire, I cant believe how much the weight is dropping off me and how I now like vegetables! You are a witch hahahah, in a good way! I feel great and I’m looking forward to our big day in October. Gonna have to get my suit taken in!!!” John-Adam, Spain

I had a Zoom session with Claire in January 2018 and have to admit, I was a little skeptical. But, how wrong can you be! The therapy was so relaxing and Claire knew exactly what questions to ask to get the results that I needed. I actually felt my anxiety leave me, there and then and it hasn't ever returned! I feel so light, not only in my body but in my mind. I finally feel like I am free.

Erica, Liverpool


“Claire, you are truly an angel. I am forever in your debt. Biggest love xxxx”    Sandra, Dartford

“Claire, I want to thank you for making our day so perfect in every way. I felt amazing, and I didn’t blush when I walked down the aisle (you were tight!), and Andrew gave a brilliant speech and looked really confident and didn’t mess it up once. I have recommended you to all my friends!”    Sally, Epsom

“When I came to see Claire for my fear of flying, I didnt believe I could be cured, but how wrong was I. In just one session, she found the root cause of my fear and now I am free from the chains that held me back for so long. I don't know how she does it - but boy is she

good!     Laura, Essex

“WOW, WOW, WOW. That is all” Cheryl, USA

I struggled with confidence as I had felt ugly and the odd one out all my life. Claire was so compassionate and really made me feel comfortable. We worked together for two sessions and now I am like a different person. I have changed my job, I now have a boyfriend who loves me for who I am and I am ready to take on the world. I highly recommend Claire - she is amazing at what she does and the therapy is so relaxing. ( May 2017)   Lisa, Brentwood

UPDATE : August 2018 - Now happily Married :)

“Dear Claire. I want to thank you for what you did for my Lou, she was so happy on our big day and I’ve never seen her look so confident. She was a different person, so easy talking to the guests, and she didn’t flush up once (you were right!). I still don’t understand how you do what you do, but all I want to say is THANK YOU. You’ve made my Lou so happy and that makes me the happiest bloke alive. Xx” Derek, Bromley

For years I spent my life in my sister's shadow - She was the pretty, popular, slim one, I was the chubby entertaining one! Well, after just one session with Claire, we nailed why I had become an emotional eater and I am thrilled to say that I dropped 7lbs in the first week! That was two months ago and I have now dropped a total of 2 stone 3 lbs and I am so confident - I am like a different person. I cannot recommend Claire enough - she has literally changed my life. 

Stacey, Kent


“Dearest Magical Claire. I have no words to express my gratitude – you literally gave me the confidence to believe in myself and I never believed I could lose (sorry, ‘shed’) the weight so easily. That’s 36lbs in total in 3 months so far!! I’ve never felt so good and its all because of you. Stuff dieting – you are a legend. Me and Alex are going for the baby now . Love you to the moon and back!” Sasha, Essex

I went to see Claire because I lived in a permanently angry state, which badly effected my relationship with my partner. The session was incredible and I left her therapy room walking on air. I was calm and in control for the first time in years. It was, and still is, an incredible feeling. The hypnosis experience was also really relaxing which I did not expect and since then, I have had exceptionally good sleep, an unexpected but very welcome bonus (August 2018)    Sam, North London